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Custom Orthotics in Laguna Hills

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Custom orthotics are a great way to relieve foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine pain. Foot and ankle discomfort along with knee, hip and lower back pain isn't just a problem for the elderly. In fact, more than 2 million Americans experience some sort of pain related to the foot and ankle, which also leads to other bodily pathology every year. Pain and discomfort, loss of balance, and inappropriate gait affects people of all ages and genders, especially those who wear high heels or shoes with poor arch support. Even if you don't have any problems with your feet now, you can reduce your chances of developing them by treating your feet like an investment and taking care of them. Custom orthotics can help prevent future injuries from occurring by providing stability and support with each step.

Custom orthotics from Custom Orthotics OC in Laguna Hills, CA can help you run faster and stronger.  We'll work with you to create the perfect orthotic for your specific needs. Schedule an appointment today!
Custom orthotics from Custom Orthotics OC in Laguna Hills, CA can help you run faster and stronger.

At Custom Orthotics OC, we provide the most comfortable shoes as well as effective custom orthotics in Laguna Hills, which is the home to some best medical and orthopedic facilities and hospitals in OC.

After more than twenty years of experience, we know that everyone’s feet are different and that it takes an experienced professional to find the perfect solution for your unique needs; which is why we provide our customers with only the best and individualized and most advanced services when it comes to their health and happiness!

Custom Orthotics in Laguna Hills are great solutions for foot pain
Perfect Fit For Your Feet, Custom Orthotics In Laguna Hills

Why Choose Laguna Hills for Orthotics Needs?

Laguna Hills is a city set in the foothills of the Orange County, California region. The area known as Laguna Hills is located where Interstate 405 splits into the El Toro Y's. Other important characteristics of the town is that the city of Laguna Hills is home to some of Orange County's best medical and orthopedic facilities. Wherever you are in Laguna woods, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Make a stop at Laguna Hills because it is the center of custom orthotics medical centers and orthopedic hospitals.

If you are in Orange County, Make a Stop for Custom Orthotics
Laguna Hills is known for Orthopedic Instruments and Custom Orthotics

Are You Experiencing Foot Pain or Discomfort?

Custom orthotics are a great solution for foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower back pain. They can help with many problems such as Heel pain, Arch pain, Ball of foot pain, Toe pain, , Hammer toes, Neuroma, Achilles pain, Diabetic issues, Neuropathy, Corns, Callouses, Balance, Ankle sprains, Avoiding fractures.

Custom orthotics are custom-made to fit your feet exactly. They're made of a variety of materials used for a wide variety of activities and pathologies. Three dimensional scanning provides the most exact and functionally accommodative orthotics for every foot type and pathology.

Our special approach reduces stress on joints by supporting all weighting areas. Custom Orthotics are a Proven Treatment for Bunions.

Are You Experiencing Foot Pain or Discomfort? Custom Orthotics In Laguna Heels Has a Solution
Custom Orthotics In Laguna Hills For Suffering Heels

Did you know that foot pain is a common problem that can have many causes?

While most people know about the aching feet that come from walking around on concrete all day long, there are many other causes for foot pain. For example, an ingrown toenail can pinch a nerve in your foot, or a bone spur can dig into the soft tissue of your toes and make them sore when you walk. Every part of your foot has its own kind of nerve and muscle tissue, which means there are lots of different ways to hurt yourself.

Foot pain can be caused by overuse, injuries, poor fitting shoes and more. If you experience any of the following symptoms: pain in the arch of your foot or toes when walking or standing, blisters on your feet or toes, an unusual lump beneath the skin on any part of your foot or toes we recommend scheduling an appointment with our office to find out what might be causing this discomfort.

If you are experiencing any persistent pain in your feet please schedule a consultation with one of our experts who will assess the cause and recommend solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Custom Orthotics in Laguna Hills Reduce Pressure by 40% on Heels
Custom Orthotics in Laguna Hills Reduce Pressure by 40% on Your Heels

How Do Custom Orthotics Work?

Custom orthotics are designed to support the specific needs of individuals. They're made of a soft, pliable materials that are molded to fit your feet exactly. The heel cup provides support for the back part of your foot, while the state of the art arch capturing supports your arch and midfoot area. With custom orthotics you can move more naturally while keeping pressure off of sensitive areas such as joints, toes, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, feet, ankles, knees and hips lower back by absorbing shock and distributing weight evenly throughout each step you take. Custom-fit orthotics are worn inside your shoes so they can provide relief from pain caused we earlier said.

Custom orthotics in laguna hills. Our team of professionals is ready to help you get back on your feet!
Custom orthotics in laguna hills. Our team of professionals is ready to help you get back on your feet!

What Makes Custom Orthotics Different From Over-The-Counter Insoles?

Custom made orthotics are different from over-the-counter insoles in several ways, including:

  • They are custom fit and maintain the subtalar neutral position, allowing a functional gait pattern. The exact shape of your foot is measured and captured through our state of the art three dimensional scanning used to create a custom orthotic that fits you and your activity perfectly. Over-the-counter insoles simply do not offer this kind of precision, and they’re likely to be uncomfortable or ineffective and act like a bandage sometimes making the problem worse.

  • They are more effective at supporting the foot and reducing pain than over-the-counter insoles. This is because they have been designed specifically for each user’s unique needs, which makes them much more comfortable and effective than other options on the market today—especially when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis!

  • They are more comfortable than most other types of footwear out there due their ability to conform perfectly with each person's foot shape (see above). In fact, many people report that after wearing them for just an hour or two at a time (and sometimes even longer), they notice significant improvements in comfort levels compared with previous experiences wearing standard off-the-shelf footwear without any sort of medical intervention before trying these new solutions out!

Orthotics In Laguna Hills that are custom-made to fit your feet, not mass-produced by a factory.
Orthotics that are custom-made to fit your feet, not mass-produced by a factory.

Custom Insoles For Diabetic Feet? You're In The Right Place!

Based on an article by "The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery" Custom-made orthotics can reduce plantar pressure by 40% and aid in the prevention of ulcers. The study suggests that while custom-made orthotics do have a positive effect on the distribution of pressure on the foot, they don't reduce the overall weight pressing on it. It's important to note that this study was conducted on patients with diabetes and neuropathy complications, so it seems clear that these foot conditions affect their ability to distribute weight evenly across the foot even without an orthotic. This isn't a knock against custom orthotics—they are a useful tool for managing medical conditions like diabetes—but rather it's an observation about a specific group of patients who might find that wearing extra padding makes their feet feel more comfortable than they would otherwise. The results also emphasize the importance of keeping your feet healthy if you have any kind of medical condition that could cause complications in your foot.

Custom orthotics in Laguna Hills, CA can help you manage your diabetes and keep your feet healthy.
Custom orthotics in Laguna Hills, CA can help you manage your diabetes and keep your feet healthy.

Who Should Wear Custom Orthotics?

The answer is simple: anyone who wants to relieve their foot pain.

Orthotics are a great solution for people who have a job that puts stress on the feet. If you're a teacher, cashier, security guard, nurse, counter sale expert, construction manager, fashion designer, epidemiologist, landscaper or groundskeeper—or any other job where you're standing or walking all day—then custom orthotics might be the solution to your foot pain.

Custom orthotics can also help athletes with injuries and professional athletes who want to improve their performance. Whether you play soccer, rugby or ski, skate; if you play basketball, golf, tennis, racquetball; if you're a marathoner or a junior athlete—custom orthotics could be the key to improving your game and reducing injuries.

And then there are mothers! Moms are often on their feet all day long taking care of kids—cooking meals and cleaning up messes. And while they might not think about it too much at first (because who has time to think about anything else?), over time their feet take a beating from standing in one place all!

Custom Orthotics in Laguna Hills, are a great way to take care of your feet, especially if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet for long hours.
Come on in and get your feet back in the game! Custom Orthotics In Laguna Hills

Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics For Children

Based on an article by "The Journal of Rheumatology", Custom Orthotics are better than off-the-shelf inserts and supportive athletic shoes (which are themselves better than nothing). Volunteers with flat feet in one group got custom insoles; those in another group got off-the-shelf inserts; yet another group got supportive athletic shoes; and finally there were people who got nothing at all. The results were clear: children in the orthotics group showed significantly greater improvements in overall pain, speed of ambulation activity limitations, foot pain, and level of disability when compared Custom Foot Orthotics are a Proven Treatment For Chilren's Flat Feet