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Custom Foot Orthotics for Bunion Treatment

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

In their lifetime, each individual walk about 115,000 miles. The feet are affected by aging in a number of different ways, but most of the problems arise from the loss of protective subcutaneous tissue that acts as a shock absorber, as well as the thinning of the skin, which is more susceptible to damage. Calluses, Bunions, and other toe defects are all common. The foot is a wonderful design that provides a stable foundation for the body, lowers impact load during gait, and allows for energy-efficient forward movement. “With normal activities, massive forces tend to be exerted on the joint surfaces of the foot and ankle, leading to frequent injuries that must be treated by the primary care provider. Systemic diseases and improper footwear also contribute to the increase in foot injuries that need medical attention” ScienceDirect says. In this article, we will cover one of the most common foot problems and if custom orthotics can help bunions, meanwhile covering some studies related to custom orthotics for bunion treatment.

Custom Foot Orthotics For Bunion Treatment
Custom Foot Orthotics for Bunion Treatment

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Table of Contents

  • Common foot problems

  • What is a Bunion?

  • Why Does it hurt?

  • What’s the Treatment?

  • The Need for Custom Orthotics

  • Our Convenient Custom Orthotics Process

Common Foot Problems and Using Custom Orthotics as a Treatment

According to European Geriatric Medicine, older people are often plagued by foot ailments such as corns, bunions, emphysema, and heel pain, as well as conditions that increase with age, hammertoes, fallen arches, knee & back pain,